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Lab Certifications

Arcadia prides itself on making sure we test every batch of Rosin before creating any of our products. We understand the importance of transparency when it comes to your health and wellbeing. All of our products go through an internal testing process to ensure they meet the highest standards first. Only at that point do we send them to the lab for 3rd party testing. Our commitment is to provide customers with pure natural cannabis products starting with the extraction. we only use solventless extraction methods. *No chemicals and no gases. Only Cold, heat, and pressure to help ensure you are getting the highest quality, cleanest, purest, and safest products on the market.

*We make a lot of the Gummies for other brands. These products are made using Distillate and we have included those test results as well. How will you know the differenece between those made with distillate and those that are solventless? We will list the strain name for the solventless ones. All our solventless products are strain specific!

Please search below and click the Batch number link for our most recent lab certification results. If you don't see a particular Batch, please contact us and we can manually send you a copy or get it uploaded immediately You can enter your search criteria below or scroll the list to find the testing results

Product/Strain Name Date Batch Number
4mg Super Lemon Haze 10/19/2022 SLH_002_4mg
4mg Grape Ape 08/24/2022 GA_003_4mg
10mg Blend Strawberries N' Cream 11/01/2022 SNC_BL10mg
10mg Blend Super Lemon Haze 11/01/2022 SLH_BL10mg
10mg Blend Grape Ape 11/01/2022 GA_BL10mg
10mg Strawberries N' Cream 10/19/2022 SNC_002_10mg
10mg Night Numz (Ocean Breeze) 09/14/2022 DIS11A102022
10mg Grape Ape 03/15/2023 GA_003_10MG
10mg California Dream 07/29/2022 CD_001
10mg Mind Flayer 07/29/2022 MF_001
10mg Tangie 07/20/2022 TNG_001
1:1 10mg THC/CBD Gummy (watermelon) 07/22/2022 DIS_014
1:1 10mg Vegan THC/CBD Gummy (Solventless) 11/28/2022 GAHF_002
10mg CBN Dreamberry 04/15/2023 DIS21LWCBNSB1023
15mg CBN Bedtime Blueberryr 04/06/2023 DIS21LWCBNBC1023
15mg CBN Peach Perfection 04/06/2023 DIS21LWCBNP1023
20mg Strawberries & Cream 09/21/2022 SNC_002
20mg Ghost Fuel 08/24/2022 GF_003
20mg Grape Ape 03/07/2023 GA_004_20mg
20mg California Dream 07/29/2022 CD_001
20mg Mind Flayer 07/29/2022 MF_001
20mg Dutch Treat 09/14/2022 DTB_002
20mg Golden Pink Lemonade 12/27/2022 GPL_003_20mg
20mg Pre-98 Bubba Kush 01/04/2023 P98_002
20mg Canadian Sour 01/04/2023 CS_002
1:1 25mg THC/CBD Gummy 07/22/2022 DIS_014
1:1 25mg THC/CBD Indica Gummy 02/13/2023 GA_BL251123
1:1 25mg THC/CBD Sativa Gummy 02/13/2023 SLH_BL251123
25mg Blend Strawberries N' Cream 11/01/2022 SNC_BL25mg
25mg Blend Super Lemon Haze 11/01/2022 SLH_BL25mg
25mg Blend Grape Ape 11/01/2022 GA_BL25mg
25mg Likewise Strawberries N' Cream (Green Apple) 10/14/2022 LWGA_SNC2522
25mg Likewise Grape Ape (Blue Raspberry) 10/14/2022 LWBR_GA2522
25mg Likewise Ocean Water 10/14/2022 DIS16LWOW2522
25mg Likewise Blueberry Cobbler 10/14/2022 DIS16LWBC2522
25mg Likewise Super Lemon Haze (Cherry Limeade) 09/28/2022 DIS15LWCL2522
25mg Likewise Mango 04/06/2023 DIS21LWM2522
25mg Likewise Summerberry 04/06/2023 DIS21LWSB2522
30mg Real Bush Honey 12/28/2022 RBH_001
42mg Rx3 Watermelon Gummy 09/08/2022 PVC_W002
42mg Rx3 Pink Lemonade Gummy 09/08/2022 PVC_PL002
42mg Rx3 Mango Gummy 09/08/2022 PVC_M002
42mg Rx3 Blue Raspberry Gummy 09/08/2022 PVC_BR002
50mg Gummy (Purple Passion) 10/27/2022 DIS17A502022
50mg Super Lemon Haze 09/19/2022 SLH_002
50mg Gummy (Ocean Breeze) 09/14/2022 DIS15A502022
50mg Grape Ape 01/04/2023 GA_004_50mg
50mg Grape Ape 11/18/2022 SLH_BL50mg
50mg Grape Ape 11/18/2022 CM_BL50mg
50mg Strawberries & Cream 10/19/2022 SNC_002_50mg
50mg 1:1 THC/CBD Gummy (Blueberry Raspberry) 02/03/2023 GA_BL501123
50mg 1:1 THC/CBD Gummy (Watermelon) 02/03/2022 SLH2_BL501123
50mg 1:1 THC/CBD Gummy (Blueberry Lemonade) 07/22/2022 DIS_014
77mg Gummy (Ocean Breeze) 11/01/2022 DIS17A1002022
100mg Arcadia Lite (Blue Raspberry) 04/19/2023 BC_BL100mg
100mg Arcadia Lite (Blue Raspberry) 01/27/2023 GA_BL100mg
100mg Likewise Peach 04/15/2023 DIS21LWP10023
100mg Likewise Orange Cream 04/15/2023 DIS21LWOC10023
100mg Likewise Strawberry 04/15/2023 DIS21LWST10023
100mg Likewise Green Apple 02/08/2023 DIS20LWGA10023
100mg Likewise Blueberry Cobbler 02/08/2023 DIS21LWBC10023
100mg Likewise Blue Raspberry 02/15/2023 DIS21LWBR10023
100mg Likewise Ocean Water 02/15/2023 DIS21LWOW10023
100mg Likewise Summerberry 02/08/2023 DIS20LWSB10023
100mg Likewise Cherry Limeade 02/08/2023 DIS20LWCL10023
100mg Likewise Mango 02/08/2023 DIS20LWM10023
100mg Gelato Melonade 07/11/2022 GML_001
Delta 8 & CBD Only
Product Name Date Batch Number
Delta 8 20mg Gummy 08/25/2021 D8_001
T-Free CBD 10mg Gummy 10/11/2021 APCBD_001
T-Free CBD 20mg Gummy 10/11/2021 APCBD_001
Product Name Date Batch Number
Rx3 SHO OG Glue 09/28/2022 Rx3_OGGRHO2
Rx3 RHO Nano 1ml/5ml 01/25/2023 01-25-23-02
Rx3 Elixir (Blue Raspberry) 02/15/2023 Rx3_EBR1
Rx3 Elixir (Grape) 02/15/2023 Rx3_EG1
Rx3 Elixir (Mango) 02/15/2023 Rx3_EM1
Rx3 Elixir (Watermelon) 02/15/2023 Rx3_EW1
Cereal Milk Live Rosin 12/09/2021 CM_001
Strawberry Princess Live Rosin 12/09/2021 SP_001
Wild West Kush Live Rosin 11/03/2021 WWK_001
The Legend Live Rosin 12/01/2021 LDG_001
Specialty Items
Product Name Date Batch Number
BamBams 60mg 06/28/2022 DIS81GA_001
Caramels 60mg 08/01/2022 DIS141GA_002