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Lab Certifications

Arcadia prides itself on making sure we test every batch of Rosin before creating any of our products. We understand the importance of transparency when it comes to your health and wellbeing. All of our products go through an internal testing process to ensure they meet the highest standards first. Only at that point do we send them to the lab for 3rd party testing. Our commitment is to provide customers with pure natural cannabis products starting with the extraction. we only use solventless extraction methods. No chemicals and no gases. Only Cold, heat, and pressure to help ensure you are getting the highest quality, cleanest, purest, and safest products on the market.

Please search below and click the link for our most recent lab certification results. If you don't see a particular Batch, please contact us and we can manually send you a copy

Batch Number Date Product Type
CPG_001 06/15/2021 4mg Gummy
GA_001 06/15/2021 4mg Gummy
OGDK_001 08/05/2020 4mg Gummy
POG_001 11/11/2020 4mg Gummy
AH_002 12/09/2020 4mg Gummy
BH_002 12/31/2020 4mg Gummy
SFV_002 11/11/2020 4mg Gummy
CPG1HF_001 06/15/2021 1:1 5mg THC/CBD Gummy
GA1HF_001 06/15/2021 1:1 5mg THC/CBD Gummy
BH2HF_001 04/06/2021 1:1 5mg THC/CBD Gummy
GG4_011 03/12/2021 1:1 5mg THC/CBD Gummy
AH2HF_001 03/24/2020 1:1 5mg THC/CBD Gummy
WCO2HF_001 11/16/2020 1:1 5mg THC/CBD Gummy
GA_001 06/15/2021 10mg Gummy
DIS_011 05/11/2021 10mg Gummy
C99_KIF_001 05/11/2021 10mg Gummy
CPG_001 04/21/2021 10mg Gummy
DIS_010 03/16/2021 10mg Gummy
HBS_003 03/16/2021 10mg Gummy
OGDK_001 08/05/2020 10mg Gummy
CC_003 11/11/2020 10mg Gummy
AH_003 12/09/2020 10mg Gummy
BH_002 01/07/2021 10mg Gummy
DIS_007 11/16/2020 10mg Gummy
DIS_008 11/16/2020 10mg Gummy
GG4_011 01/07/2021 10mg Gummy
HA_001 11/16/2020 10mg Gummy
HBH_001 11/11/2020 10mg Gummy
GA1HF_001 06/15/2021 1:1 10mg THC/CBD Gummy
GG412HF_001 06/15/2021 1:1 10mg THC/CBD Gummy
DIS9CBD_002 03/16/2021 1:1 10mg THC/CBD Gummy
AH2HF_001 11/11/2020 1:1 10mg THC/CBD Gummy
DIS7CBD_001 12/09/2020 1:1 10mg THC/CBD Gummy
DIS5CBD2_001 04/14/2020 1:1 10mg THC/CBD Gummy
WCO2HF_001 11/16/2020 1:1 10mg THC/CBD Gummy
CPG_001 05/11/2021 20mg Gummy
GF_002 05/11/2021 20mg Gummy
P98_001 03/22/2021 20mg Gummy
LAK_001 03/12/2021 20mg Gummy
GPL_001 03/12/2021 20mg Gummy
AM_002 08/05/2020 20mg Gummy
CC_003 08/04/2020 20mg Gummy
PD_001 02/12/2021 20mg Gummy
GA_001 02/08/2021 20mg Gummy
CS_001 02/05/2021 20mg Gummy
BH_002 12/09/2020 20mg Gummy
GF_001 12/31/2020 20mg Gummy
GF_002 05/11/2021 20mg Gummy
GG4_011 12/22/2020 20mg Gummy
C99_001 12/15/2020 20mg Gummy
GG4_012 06/15/2021 25mg Gummy
BT_001 03/10/2021 25mg Gummy
DIS_011 05/11/2021 25mg Gummy
CLG_001 04/28/2021 25mg Gummy
DIS_010 03/16/2021 25mg Gummy
DIS_003 11/11/2020 25mg Gummy
DIS_007 11/11/2020 25mg Gummy
C99_001 12/29/2020 25mg Gummy
DIS9CBD_002 03/16/2021 1:1 25mg THC/CBD Gummy
DIS7CBD_001 12/31/2020 1:1 25mg THC/CBD Gummy
GA_001 06/15/2021 30mg Gummy
CPG_001 05/11/2021 30mg Gummy
C99_Kif_001 04/21/2021 30mg Gummy
GG4_011 12/09/2020 30mg Gummy
AM_002 08/05/2020 30mg Gummy
C99_001 06/15/2021 50mg Gummy
DIS_011 05/11/2021 50mg Gummy
CPG_001 05/11/2021 50mg Gummy
DIS_010 03/16/2021 50mg Gummy
PD_001 02/22/2021 50mg Gummy
CC_003 11/11/2020 50mg Gummy
DIS_007 12/09/2020 50mg Gummy
AM_002 08/05/2020 50mg Gummy
DIS_008 11/16/2020 50mg Gummy
GG4_010 11/11/2020 50mg Gummy
DIS9CBD_002 03/16/2021 1:1 50mg THC/CBD Gummy
DIS7CBD_001 12/31/2020 1:1 50mg THC/CBD Gummy
Batch Number Date Product Type
KK_001 02/03/2021 Live Rosin Premium
KK_001 02/03/2021 Live Rosin Select
Specialty Items
Batch Number Date Product Type
C99_001 11/16/2020 60mg BamBam
CC_003 07/15/2020 60mg BamBam
GG4_011 12/31/2020 60mg BamBam
STB_002 08/05/2020 60mg Caramel
WD_001 01/07/2021 60mg Caramel
BH_002 12/22/2020 60mg Caramel